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The stories below are examples of the 160 user presentations from 2018:

2018 Presentations
1. Dow Chemical explore how protection layers can be implemented in the BPCS
2. Hexion explain what a CHAZOP is and how it is best applied
3. Lubrizol explains how Field Asset Management helps maintenance team to maintain & ensure production rate & quality
4. Schlumberger explain how Control System became an Integrated Control center at BP Offshore Well Testing Unit
5. Wood Group explain how advanced control has made a gas processing terminal more reliable & efficient
6. LUKOIL explain how Effective Heat Exchanger Monitoring Increased a Refinery`s Profitability
7. DuPont Industrial Biosciences explain how monitoring steam trap health on fermentation plant reduced steam consumption by 20%
8. Preem consider how to reduce unwanted gas detector alarms in a refinery by installation improvements & environmental awareness
9. BP explain how Dynamic Simulation supports BPCS & SIS development, test, commissioning & training to help stay on time & budget
10. Vynova explain how valve diagnostics helps to prepare for shutdowns & plan valve maintenance
11. Shell explain how continuous monitoring wall thicknesses of equipment & pipelines ensure asset integrity
12. AkzoNobel outline how automation leaders can learn from successful ICT investments such as ERP & MES
13. BASF consider how Flow Meter Verification helps to increase reliability & safety
14. Jacobs explain how an Industrial Nitrogen Purge System Reduced Pharmaceutical Storage Tank complexity
15. ExxonMobil discuss how 10 risks on Hydrocracker project were mitigated with MIV approach