Life Sciences Industry Meeting

Thursday, March 8, 2018


The meeting will feature:

Life Sciences Forum  – Discuss emerging technological trends with industry experts, thought leaders and peers.

The special focus for 2018 will be around flexible manufacturing and smart skids. With many trends in the industry following single use and continuous manufacture, we will look deeper into the challenges before us.

Kicking off with a key note from John Nita, Emerson Global Life Sciences.

The board of technology and end user experts will discuss, investigate and debate – with plenty of audience participation;

  • Why smart skids and flexible manufacturing is such a current topic in life science
  • Where the challenges lie in adopting a ballroom concept type manufacturing facility
  • How automation, software and Industry 4.0 can facilitate in making this discussion a reality
  • Where the benefits lie in applying the philosophy


User Presentations – During the Exchange event you can learn Best Practices and see how peers in Life Science are improving efficiency in these dynamic times. Topics will include: cost effective manufacturing and compliance, operational flexibility and repeatability, or reliability among others.

During the Life Science User Meeting, we will focus on how a key end user is working with a select OEM to apply digitalization and Industry 4.0 to solve the challenge of;

  • Removing automation from the critical path during change over
  • Greatly reducing the validation and compliance effort
  • Smarter start-up and maintenance approaches


Life Science Roadmap – Hot off the press, first-hand information on the challenges Emerson see in the life science sector, trends moving forward and where the latest developments tailored for Life Science will take you.

Challenge the technology experts and leaders for product development, understand the long-term strategy on how partnering with Emerson can take your digitalization and manufacturing strategy forward.

  • Pipeline Acceleration
  • Inventory & Operations Management
  • Quality & Compliance Management


EXPO Tour – Tailored tour of the exhibition hall focused on Life Science applications and solutions. Technologies to view and discuss include;

  • Plantweb Digital Eco System – All things Industry 4.0
  • DeltaV PK & Discovery – Integration of data and stand-alone control is made simple
  • OEM integrated solutions- See how the technology has been integrated into machines
  • Syncade for Life Science- The latest functionality to make your facility easily compliant


Life Science Users’ Group Forum – Connect to your direct peers, brainstorm on matters related to the DeltaV control system and share experiences



Room TBC. It will be the same location for the full programme duration.

NOTE: this meeting is embedded in the Exchange event. Overlapping with other Life Sciences Industry presentations will be avoided.

I am not directly related to the Life Sciences Industry, can I walk in?

Absolutely! All registered customers are welcome to join. As room capacity is unfortunately limited, Life Sciences Industry users will have priority.

NOTE: this meeting is included in your registration fee