Emerson Global Users Exchange Charter


This non-profit organization is chartered to provide a forum for the open exchange of non-proprietary information among the users and Emerson Process Management with an emphasis on the enabling technologies, solutions and services of Emerson Process Management’s PlantWeb architecture.


  1. Improve the efficiency and use of the enabling technologies available and employed through systems and advanced/enhanced products at each member’s location, by sharing solutions and cautions, of pitfalls to be avoided as they are discovered.
  2. Establish activities such as symposia, special interest groups, local and international forums, newsletters, and bulletin boards to promote exchange among users.
  3. Insure that Emerson Global User Exchange attitudes, planning and activities continue to meet the membership needs. Encourage member users of Emerson Process Management technologies to actively participate.
  4. Develop and maintain a relationship with Emerson Process Management Divisions. Actively participate in long range planning activities for Emerson Process Management technologies by providing feedback at conferences and other scheduled meetings.
  5. Provide a forum for announcements and discussions of new products and services.


Membership shall be limited to:

  1. Dues-paying employees of any company or organization which utilizes the products and services provided by Emerson Process Management to manage their process(es).
  2. Emerson Process Management and Emerson Process Management Representative personnel.

Note: Membership may be extended to other complementary users (non-end users) of Emerson Process Management products and services. Companies that compete with any Emerson Process Management division may be excluded from membership. All membership decisions will be made at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

Membership is for one (1) year.